Monin Premium Guava Syrup 700 ml por

Monin Premium Guava Syrup 700 ml
Titulo del libro : Monin Premium Guava Syrup 700 ml
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Monin Premium Guava Syrup 700 ml

In the exquisite and creative world of MONIN quality innovation versatility and service are our priories. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best flavours to use in the most popular and versatile applications. Our strength lies in anticipating the needs of consumers wherever they are. Only the best natural ingredients (fruits flowers spices & nuts....) are selected from all over the world to guarantee the pure consistent taste in all our products all year long. MONIN syrups are made exclusively from pure sugar which ensures optimal restitution of the flavour and respect for all other ingredients. GoyaveGuava is an emerging flavour of the tropics with a pretty pink sweet flesh and delicious exotic flavour. Capturing the essence and sweetness of the juicy guava fruit MONIN Guava is a perfect thirst-quencher for those seeking a delicate beverage that is a step above the ordinary. MONIN Guava provides Hawaiian tropical taste in a practical and self-stable product. Make the most of this delicious flavour and use MONIN Guava in all your thirst quenching beverages!COLOUR: Bright vermillion .TASTE: Intense guava nose with floral notes